Electrical Installations in Gas Meter Rooms

All equipment installed in 'Gas Meter Rooms' must comply with requirements set out in the following codes and standards;


Gas meter rooms are deemed as a 'Hazardous Area' because it is an area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is present, or may be expected to be present, in quantities such as to require special precautions in the electrical design, construction, installation and use of electrical apparatuses and electrical metering equipment.

Cinco Electrical Services can carry out the following hazardous area electrical installations and solutions;


  • Hazardous area classification assessments

  • Hazardous area verification dossier

  • Ex d Gas detection sensor units

  • Gas detection systems and controllers

  • Ventilation exhaust Ex d motors and controls

  • Ventilation duct Ex d flow switches

  • Testing, calibartion and commissioning documentation

  • Installation of gas interface pulse meter heads

  • Expolsion proof light fittings and switches

  • Hazardous area electrical installations and maintenance

  • Hazardous area electrical inspections and verification

  • Intrinsically safe smoke detectors

Cinco Electrical Services is proud to be Canberra's leading industrial and hazardous area electrical contractor. The team at Cinco work to the highest possible standard to ensure all our hazardous area electrical installations are tested, verified and documented to ensure all our installations comply with Australian Standards and is safe for anyone using the facility.

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