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Phone: 18 000 CINCO

Phone: 18 000 CINCO

Chicago Pneumatic  Canberra

   CP Piston Compressors

CP Air Compressor Sales & Service

CP Piston Compressors for Many Applications

When you need a compressor that will meet your low compressed air requirements or High Pressure up to 40 Bar, CINCO's Chicago Pneumatic piston compressors will do the job. CP piston compressors come in many different versions and are used in applications where compressed air usages are low or require High Pressure. This means that we are sure to have a CP piston compressor suitable for your Industrial or Professional application.

Piston Compressors Designed to Suit

CP piston compressors have been built and designed to meet your compressed air demands, but also to endure the necessary production. 

The CP High Pressure Booster Piston Compressors can also be used for Nitrogen Gas Applications.


With a variety of choices and sizes, the team at CINCO are sure to have the right piston compressor for you. CP piston compressors are manufactured using quality products to ensure a high-quality a reliability.


All our Chicago Pneumatic products are backed by Industry Leading Warranties.


It's important to ensure you select the right Chicago Pneumatic compressor for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 18 000 24626.

Silenced Pistons...


Low noise compressor for an enjoyable workplace


When there is a need for a compressor installation close to the workplace, a low noise compressor is vital. Our low noise piston range offers a simple and reliable solution.

Silent performance for optimal operating comfort


While performance is always a given for our complete piston offer, sometimes the ultimate user comfort is also required. For situations where compressors are used extensively while being installed close to the workplace, our silent range offers an ideal match. Running at low speed, equipped with clear control panels and taking up only a limited amount of space, this range combines efficiency and user friendliness.

Key Benefits :

  • Sound proof cabinet

  • Fire proof insulating foam and metal belt guard for safety

  • Immediate access to all mechanical & electrical components

  • Limited footprint with tankmounted all in one solution

  • Clear indicators and user friendly operations

Silent Piston Compressor Leaflet - CPRS 

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