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Phone: 18 000 CINCO

Phone: 18 000 CINCO


Electric Motor & Drive Analysis

Electric Motor & Drive Performance Health Check

CINCO Electrical Service performs critical motor & drive performance health checks utilising Fluke's premium Power, Motor & Drive Analyser to help you effectively evaluate electrical and mechanical performance just by hooking up CINCO's specialised Fluke motor tester, providing you with an unprecedented level of data...

  • Brings key motor & drive analysis parameters like speed, torque and mechanical power and calculates motor efficiency without mechanical sensors

  • Automatically calculate motor age/derating according to NEMA/IEC guidelines

  • Includes full power quality and electrical energy analyser functionality

CINCO Electrical Services can quickly and easily discover all your electrical and mechanical performance data of al you site critical electric motors, and evaluate power quality by our experienced and qualified electricians.

Contact our friendly staff and meet our field technicians. Book your electric motor & drive performance health check today...

Do you require a better insight of your critical electric motor & drive...?
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