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CINCO Capital Compressors

Phone: 18 000 CINCO

Phone: 18 000 CINCO

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Chicago Pneumatic  Canberra

   CPVSM 40-60 Compressors

CP Air Compressor Sales & Service

A highly reliable gear transmission


A belt-driven compressor has a higher risk of downtime and maintenance- related costs. Unscheduled belt tensioning and replacement cause productivity losses and there is always the risk of post-service belt misalignment. That is why the CPVSM comes with a gear drive transmission. You have no belts to replace and enjoy lower operating (service) costs. What is more, the CPVSM is 3% more energy efficient compared to belt-driven compressors.


All our Chicago Pneumatic products are backed by Industry Leading Warranties.


It's important to ensure you select the right Chicago Pneumatic compressor for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 18 000 24626.

Energy savings


A CPVSM with VSD matches its air delivery to your actual need. That means it is not using – and wasting-energy when your demand
for compressed air is lower. Typically, energy savings run in the
double digits!

Reliable operations

This is due to not having downtime for belt tensioning or replacement and a quiet and smooth gear transmission.
High-capacity oil/air coolers and perfect air filtration ensure a long lifetime
Lastly, an unbeatable performance with the heavy-duty IP55 motors.

CPCM CPVSM 40-60 Compressor Leaflet

Chicago Pneumatic Canberra

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