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LR03-L10M Float Switch - 3 Wire


The LR03 series Float switches, efficient liquid level detectors. They are simple to install and designed for trouble free operation over a long life. Actuation is via a roller ball and micro-switch arrangement within the switch thereby eliminating all heavy metals from this type. The float chamber houses the micro-switch arrangement, totally sealed within a polypropylene casing, with a single pole double throw action. The three-cored cable, connected to the micro-switch assembly inside the float chamber, is sheathed in CPE (chlorinated polyethylene) synthetic rubber. This cable is 5 metres ±5%. The optional stabilizing weight may be fixed at any point on the cable using the rubber O-ring supplied. The weight is sealed within a moulded polypropylene housing.

  • 20m Maximum submerged depth
  • 482KN/m² Compressive strength
  • Operation in specific gravities from 0.9 to 1.3



Sensing & Instrumentation, Industrial

Automatic Float Switch 10m Lead - 3 Wire - Control Water Pump

SKU: LR03-L10M Float Switch
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